My name is Giorgia Galfré, I am currently doing my Master at the Royal Academy of Fina Arts in Fashion Design in Antwerp and I am in the first year of ceramic in the same facility, KASKA dko.


Giorgia Galfré


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Originally Italian, I moved in Antwerp at 19 years old to study fashion design and after 3 years of bachelor I decided to continue with the master! I tried to make my last university year a bigger and more complete experience incorporating my ceramic studies to my works, I want to expand my horizon from fashion to other disciplines. big lover of 3 dimensional work process I like to make shoots and videos with my works as well as produce graphics and paintings.

‘Why aren’t boots called Italies?’ is the name of this poster as well as the name of my master collection. In this time of solitude and isolation I couldn’t, and I still can’t, see my family as before. I managed to go back home only once, this past summer, and so I decided to stay there for a while (more than a month). This long staying didn’t happened since I first left Italy so I realised how different it is now for me to be there and be part of my own culture. This scholar year whole project was born there, during my holidays back home, when I started to wonder wether I belong, whether there is still a conversation between me and the people there and their life style and mentality or is all reduced in a big judgmental attitude from me. I started to psychoanalyse myself and think about patriotism, roots, being part of a strongly defined something. This collection and art work is the result of this inner debate with my motherland and myself. The approach is very critical (social and political) but very personal and ironic at the same time: that is why I worked for the realisation of real boots shaped as the Italian outline and kitsch chunky ceramic pieces and jewellery shaped as food. A satiric atmosphere, dynamic and colourful is always my word.


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