Hanqing & Mona are a UK-based artist duo whose practices emerged from photography and sculpture, and have progressed towards site-specific installation. Originally from Beijing and San Francisco, their work reflects cultural and archaeological concerns with architecture and historic remains, in the global context.





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Hanqing & Mona regard architecture as a reflection of culture, social structure and history; their practice explores the subjects of ruins, material decay and architectural intervention. The artists are particularly interested in the visual temporality of buildings and urban space, and the coexistence of historic façades and modern urban construction.
As a duo, their works have been exhibited at institutions including the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Camden Art Centre, Talbot Rice Gallery, Royal Scottish Academy and OCI Museum of Art. They are a fellow member of the Royal Society of Sculptors, and a recipient of awards including the New Contemporaries, Gilbert Bayes Award and Young Creatives. Hanqing and Mona both graduated from the Royal College of Art and are currently studying/working at the University of Edinburgh, as a practice-based researcher and a Talbot Rice Resident.


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