I am an Antwerp-based interdisciplinary artist who is obsessed with digital art and its components, as well as the traditional approach in art-making. I choose many different agencies to express his vision, such as video art, photography, illustration, collage, installation, data processing, and visualization. 

Website: https://cifelhuseyin.wixsite.com/artist
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cifel

Hüseyin Cifel


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My works have a diverse perspective based on the interpretation of “image” by observing today’s cultural movements. According to me, the modern approach is the most influential tool for increasing the values of art as an experimental discipline and research process.

Motivation: My take on the theme “Show-Up/Show-Off” is a visual narration of an alternative reality that manifests a process of keeping the light in balance while it shows up and shows off in places of the universe.

The Cycle of Balance

Imagine a hub where beings are in charge of keeping the daily cycle of life in order. They are constantly in a routine of maintaining the visual narrative alive and going. They jump in-between glowing crystals to get infused with colors and float away on the platform to reach their destinations. They touch the surface of brightness and darkness again and again by fusing yin and yang into each other.


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