Creativity in design and realization is the common thread in the life of Jeroen Broux (°1981). In 2003 he graduated as a Master in Graphic and Advertising Design at Hasselt. After gaining 8 years of experience in advertising agencies, he began working as an independent graphic designer in 2011 with his own studio, Imagica. The studio works mainly for clients in the cultural and tourism sector. The style can be described as strong, sleek, clear and balanced. After years of working for clients he wanted to start designing images en graphics for himself,without specific purpose or briefing.


Jeroen Broux


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Jeroen: “This first series of design is a reflection of my search for control (CTRL). The search for control over the shape and the colours makes this a very personal series for me.” The style of the design is an extension of the graphic language Jeroen uses as a graphic designer: This involves clear lines and boundaries, subtle forms that are in balance and communicate with each other, and a minimalist colour palette that does not dominate. Gravity also plays its role. The volumes portrayed in the works are firmly grounded, neatly balanced and stable within the space of the canvas. Thus they perfectly express the “CTRL” that Jeroen was looking for … and found. Besides these graphic design, Jeroen also started painting, in this same style and way of thinking.


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