Laksanaporn Chonsamoe, born in 1994, in Trang (TH), holds a BA and MA degree in Visual Arts (Costume Design) from the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp.




Laksanaporn Mink Chonsamoe


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Food as the medium of her work she has used in multiple variants including performance, installation, costume design, video arts, and poetry. With her MA in costume design, the main question of her project was how do the bodies react to the unavoidable seduction of the consumption world because our identity and our right to exist seem to have developed an inevitable connection with consumption. Now she is on the next chapter of her life. Living back in Thailand. On a journey to rediscover what she may have left behind.

With “Golden drops”
Caption of video / duration 6:00 min. / 2021
Ingredients: two fried eggs, designed headpiece, a fork, a plate, a table, a chair and one person.
Nothing on a plate but golden drops.
Through food we seek comforts to protect us but how much is it to be trusted. The moment of seeking the truth with your own fork. This bisemous feeling which so quickly oscillates between pleasure and unpleasantness. A discovery of self hidden under stacked emotions.


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