My name is Lucie De Roeck, I was born in Amsterdam and lived there for five years until we moved as a family of six into a beautiful old house in Antwerp.

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Lucie De Roeck


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My mother is Spanish and my father was born in Hamme in Belgium. The house in Antwerp that I grew up with, and the art and culture that my parents have surrounded me with have had a strong influence on me becoming the artist that I am today. I studied dramatic arts at De Kunsthumaniora in Antwerp for four years and really grew from a shy quiet girl to someone who is not afraid to express myself through art. I started taking photograph’s on my phone from around the age of 14 and later on my mother would lend me her Nikon camera to experiment with. I used to grab pieces of clothing that inspired me, found a place in the house with interesting light and just start
taking self-portraits. And that has been one of the main elements in my photography to this day. Spontaneity, a feverish urge to create, an item of clothing and light. I also love writing, I write short letters or poems. They are about multiple things, my thoughts, my experiences, my grandmothers paintings and my own photographs. I am now twenty years old and studying in my second year at the London College of Fashion. London is such a vibrant city full of creative and diverse people to meet and work with. It has changed my work and I can’t wait to see where it will take me.

Description of submitted artwork:
There she is, standing on the corner of the busy street.
And she is early, earlier than him.
It’s just too cold to be standing outside with bare legs, these outfits are not made for
waiting. Trying to look around, searching casually, taking small steps in a circle. She looks at
the time, goes through her combed hair. Her shoulders are higher than usual, as if pulling
them up to her ears would give her more warmth.
And those 5 minutes seem like ages as if she was stuck through time, a statue on the corner
of that street. The cold woman and the cigarette, so it says on the copper tag by her feet.
Lucie De Roeck


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