Michèle Matyn (°1978, lives and works in Antwerpen).

For the Onboards Biennale, Michèle Matyn gives an insight into an upcoming project by her and Lieven Segers “Embrasse-moi pour de demain”, which will take place in September at Base-Alpha Gallery.



Michèle Matyn


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Many projects serve as licenses for adventurous travels and rambles through the most desolate of places in extreme circumstances. Michèle Matyn uses her camera in a very intense and personal experience of the landscape, and in a fashion highly contrasting to the usual documentary approach of distance and objectivity. Her sensitivity for nature is stimulated by a research in age-old folk tales en customs, anthropological myths and sagas, but also popular comics and films about the narrow, supposed boundaries between man and animal, between human and demon. These animistic thoughts, folktales, and charged places are triggers for Michèle Matyn’s travels. She uses traveling as an atelier. The way of dealing with her surroundings can be read as ‘participative observation’. It connects Matyn’s photography to her performances.


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