Conceptual artist Rabin Huissen (Rotterdam) unites and preserves notions of time, place  and action in his work, capturing moments determined by his own movements and chance.

Rabin Huissen


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”Untitled” (My Right Hand), In Conversation (Visual Recording), R. Huissen/ A. Boerlage, 29/03/21, 01:43- 02:31 PM, 90 E, 18.5– 38.8, (Studio garden), Ackersdijkstraat 20, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

The works take the form of installations, photos, drawings and collages, as well as letters  that he sends to himself or to friends, or even too strangers to establish a relationship.  These postcards, forms and other correspondence contain notes about – and instructions  for – his work process, and assignments to the recipient, initiating a delicate game of  control, communication and trust in the other. 

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A hand placed firmly to steady oneself, a hand that greets, a hand to touch another hand.  No gesture is universal, a flat palm raised could signify a goodbye as much as a hello. This  oversize hand emerges from my studio location during self isolation in lock-down yet  retains a ritualistic set of processes as carried out by me. Paper that is prepared in the  dark of night, covered and then transported in daytime. The action of making the work  occurs in a public space, my right hand makes contact with the paper, the paper makes  contact with the site. Lastly, the work is washed in the nearest body of water, a fountain, a  tap or a bottle and painted to complete the cycle. 



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