Rafaël Voets is a 26-year-old artist living and working in Antwerp, his work is predominantly influenced by themes of gay culture, eroticism and the representation of the male body.

Website: Rafaelvoets.wixsite.com/rafaelvoets
Instagram: @phone_art.jpg

Rafael Voets


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Mainly focusing on illustration and collage techniques, his work depicts distorted bodies which have been abstracted into objects. Layered with hidden narratives, fragments of hands, arms and legs intertwine with the tactile nature of the human body. This work Soft Cuddles is about the term, of the same name, that is commonly used on online
dating apps and indicates that the user is looking for affection. In the age of digital dating apps, the soft and tender meaning of the word ‘cuddle’ is contradicted between the cold and hypersexualised nature that those apps can have.


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