I have the privilege of belonging to a generation that lived, thought and worked without a computer.

P I N T E R E S T > n l . p i n t e r e s t . c o m / v a n l i e s h o u t v i

L I N K E D I N > l i n k e d i n . c o m / i n /s u z a n v a n l i e s h o u t

I N S T A G R A M > i n s t a g r a m . c o m / v a n l i e s h o u t v i

E L L O > e l l o . c o / v a n l i e s h o u t

F A C E B O O K > f a c e b o o k . c o m / v a n l i e s h o u t V I

T W I T T E R > t w i t t e r. c o m / Va n L i e s h o u t V I

v l v i . n l

Suzan Van Liesdhout


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I am fascinated by the novelties of the information society, with all the successive social and technological developments. I am triggered by the hunger for growth and improvement, while nobody knows where it will end and whether this is sustainable. On the other hand, there is the always fascinating nature, with its life cycles. My art is often based on nature. Maybe that’s a longing, a look back in the past. After all, we are increasingly distanced from naturalness. Nature brings me back to common sense and lets me feel my heart again. My generation is one of the last ‘real’ people in body and soul. Although the ecological system is by no means a purely peaceful system in which things like hunger, despair or bloodshed are absent, it is a cycle in which everything is in balance. Seen in that light, scarcity, abundance, a fight, a winner and a loser are part of life, and therefore of equal value. Wonder, Nature, Time and Transience are recurring themes in my work. In the images I make, aesthetics and distress often go hand in hand. I work with old and new materials and techniques, which means my art is a mix of both worlds, as I myself exist half virtual and half in real life. Besides my artwork I make a living of my graphic design works.

‘on]geloof in jezelf’ | fotomontage | Van Lieshout VI | 2021
In deze tijd is het bijzonder moeilijk om te weten wat en wie je moet geloven. Om te handelen,
voor jezelf te denken, je ideeën vorm te geven en je eigen pad te volgen, moet je ook twijfel
durven toelaten. Wandel voorbij de horizon.
In my photo montages I mix two of my photos into an image with new meaning.


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