Tieke Scheerlinck is a jewellery artist and student at Sint Lucas Antwerpen. Before studying jewellery she took care of people one on one as an occupational therapist. This personal approach continues in her artistic work.

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Tieke Scheerlinck


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Major themes are made personal. Starting from encounters and interviews, she places seemingly small personal stories in a global context, making their importance undeniable. Her work is about connecting people and connecting with yourself. Currently she’s exploring how jewellery can help it’s wearer to relax and heal the body.

A brief description of the work

People like to look at anything that is beautiful. The refugee situation is not. Europe carries out illegal pushbacks and deprives vulnerable people of their human rights. And this happens even on the open sea.Looking away from such horror is there fore an easy way out.Tieke tries to give stories of refugees a different perspective than what we generally see and hear in the media. The viewer is attracted by the beauty and richness of the piece, after which it is difficult to look away without consciously reflecting upon it.


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