Wieke Aerts is born in The Netherlands and is living and working in Antwerp for almost 2 decades. Wieke Aerts has been teaching with great pleasure at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp for  several years now and meanwhile she continues to work on her artistic projects.





Wieke Aerts


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She was educated at the Vakschool Schoonhoven in the Netherlands as a goldsmith and silversmith.  Eager to learn more Wieke continued her study and graduated from the university of the Arts – HKU,  department of architectural design / 3 d-design in Utrecht, also in the Netherlands.  Through the years her jewellery and objects were presented in several exhibitions in Europe and she  worked for various metalworkers, designers, artist and galleries. Wieke was also happy to work in a  number of collaborative projects in different art disciplines. 

Description of the submitted artwork 

Necklace made by Wieke Aerts 

Photo made by Daphne Okon 

Costume made by Mathilde Timmerman 

Model Yorrith De Bakker


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