My recent paintings are based upon the four classic elements: water, fire air, earth. Natural  phenomena like explosions, smoke, clouds, jellyfish or plants trigger me to try to capture their ever changing shapes in paint. Their evasive, translucent and dramatic nature provides a huge artisticchallenge which I feel could occupy my practice for a long time to come.

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Wouter van de Koot


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I prefer flowing and (semi) liquid media such as watercolour, thinned oils and inks. The water is never completely predictable. To try and control or manipulate the uncontrollable brings me great satisfaction. I’m using several different types of watercolour paper, each with its distinct qualities, to bring out the essence of each motif. For Onboards I painted a red jellyfish, floating like a dancer. As beautiful as it is, it stings.


2018-2020 AP, Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen, Educatieve Master Beeldende Kunst
2016-2018 AP, Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen, MA Schilderkunst
2006-2008 PCVOA, Getuigschrift Pedagogische Bekwaamheid, Antwerpen
1997-2001 HKU Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, BA Autonome Kunst

Solo and Duo Exhibitions:
2019 The Soft Parade | Gasunie | Groningen (NL)
Of Flesh and Stone, duo show with Tja Ling Hu| Gallery Vriend van Bavink |
Amsterdam (NL)
2017 Offering | This Art Fair, Gallery Vriend van Bavink | Amsterdam (NL)
Where goes the night | Gallery Vriend van Bavink | Amsterdam (NL)
2014 Into the Hills then | Closed Gallery | Antwerp (B)
2011 The Switch | Ponyhof Gallery | Antwerp (B)
2010 White Lies | Oever 21 | Antwerp (B)
2008 OBJECT | Atelier 5 | Bonn (D)
2007 Trust | Galerie S&S | Antwerp (B)
2005 Breath | Odeon theatre| Zwolle (NL)
Select Group Exhibitions:
2020 Josilda Da Conceição Gallery | Amsterdam (NL)
Through Walls | Galerie Dessers, YOC |Hasselt (B)
2019 Ithaka #27 | Leuven (B)
Velvet Ropes |Showhouse Jay Jay |Antwerp (B)
2018 To Be Antwerp | Marc Lauwers A Living Gallery & Kavka | Antwerp (B)
Showcase | Galerie Van Der Planken | Antwerpen (B)
6 voor 6 | Gallery Vriend van Bavink, Loods 6 | Amsterdam (NL)
Wondrous Pearls | Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp | curated by Spank Moons
2017 The Drawing Hub silent auction | The Drawing Hub | Berlin (D) | curated by Jan PhilippFruehsorge
WATT arts festival, Pink TV | The MAS (Museum aan de Stroom) | Antwerp (B) |
curated by Dawid WojtalewiczThe Lost Posters exhibition | CC De Steiger | Meenen (B) | curated by Lee Ranaldo &
Jan Van Woensel
2016 Underground School of Contemporary Art | Mercado Post Office | Antwerp (B)
curated by Jan van Woensel & Mynd
Belgium Performance Festival III | VUB | Brussels (B) | curated by Stefan Wouters
Setting the Scene | F44 (sic) | Antwerp (B) | organised by Wouter van de Koot
2015 Summer Salon | Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes Gallery | London (GB)
Let Grass Roots Grow | A-side B-side gallery | London (GB) curated by Ronan Bowes
2014 (In)Visible, The Shape Open Exhibition | Shape Gallery | London (GB)
A Comfortable Man | Wilton’s Music Hall | London (GB) | curated by MC Llamas
2013 Aquachrome | Manifest Gallery | Cincinnati (USA)
2012 Beauty of an Ugly Truth | Gallery Vriend van Bavink | Amsterdam (NL)
curated by Gianni Hilgemann (Berlinartprojects)
Truc Troc 8th| Bozar, Palace of Fine Arts | Brussels (B)
2011 Pop Secret | Atelier Solarshop | Antwerp (B) | curated by Liv Vaisberg
(Ponyhof Gallery)
PAINT! | de Stadsgalerij | Amersfoort (NL) | curated by John Konijn
Truc Troc 7th| Bozar, Palace of Fine Arts | Brussels (B)
2010 Riffling Through My Drawers | WEI Art Space | Eindhoven (NL)
2009 Die Zeit of Drawing | Climate Gallery | Long Island, New York (US)
HIWAAR Expo 2060 | Site specific installations in Antwerp (B) | curated by Erik van In
2008 International Prize Hoppeland for Painting 2008 | Poperinge (B
2007 Royal Dutch Painting Prize 2007 | Gemeentemuseum | The Hague (NL)
2004 Young Talent Award | GAU | Utrecht (NL).
Artist Residencies
2016 Underground School of Contemporary Art | Mercado Post Office | Antwerp (B)
2001 The Live Room | Centraal Museum Utrecht (NL)
Awards / Nominations
2018 Winner of the Award of Buggenhout- Kunstprijs Pieter Vanneste for Drawing and
Printmaking 2018
Nominated for the Dutch Royal Painting Prize 2007 (NL)
2001 Young Talent Award 2001 | PKU, Utrecht (NL)Publications / Press
2019 Catalogue Ithaka #27 | LOKO Cultuur, Leuven
2018 Jan Stassijns | interview over ‘To Be Antwerp’ in Gazet van Antwerpen,
27/11/2018Kunstzone magazine | centerfold publicatie van mijn werk | no. 02
March 2018
2017 Edo Dijksterhuis | ‘De kunst van het weglaten’ | exhibition review in Het
29/09/2017 ****
2014 Catalogue ‘A Comfortable Man’| Cathal Smyth & MC Llamas, London.
2013 Karen Chambers | Aquachrome: Contemporary Watercolor | exhibition
review onAEQAI , 24/11/2013
2012 INDA 6 (International Drawing Annual) | Manifest Gallery & Drawing
Center,Cincinnati | USA.
2011 Ignasi Centelles | The Polymorphic Dreams of Wouter van de Koot |
article onMutantinvasion, online magazine, 13/10/2011
Liv Vaisberg | Painted images and Photography: When painting relies on
digitalMedia (III) | article on Ponyhoffreshpaint blog, 06/09/2011
‘WEI 2009-2010’| publication by cultural initiative | Eindhoven
Liv Vaisberg,’ Portraying Absence’ | article on Ponyhoffreshpaint blog,10/03/2011
2010 Rob Schonen, ‘Pittig met balpen, maf in potlood ’| exhibition review in
EindhovensDagblad, 09/04/2010
2009 Catalogue ‘Die Zeit of Drawing’| Climate Gallery, New
YorkCatalogue ‘Hiwaar Expo 2060’| Antwerpen


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