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INSIGHT / 2007


The Billboard Project Antwerp was established in October 2007. Fifty original works of art by various Belgian and international artists were exhibited in the city centre. These artworks were placed in Agrafa and AC Billboards. The exhibition lasted one week. The project was titled: Insight.  A guided walkthrough was organized on opening night. This project was made in collaboration with Peter Bosteels, Liesbeth De Haes, Kanako Murakami, Koenraad Claes en Sanja Tomic.

Participating artists:

Peter Bosteels, Koenraad Claes, Liesbeth De Haes, Kanako Murakami, Jan Vissers, Rene Huybrechts, Jan Smitz, Ingrid Ledent, Ivan Willemyns, Lou Gills, Hana Miletic, Ludo Lens, Tom Boiy, Stijn Van Brabant, Miljan Vukicevic, Charlotte Koopman, Indra Wolfaert, Denitsa Todorova, Sanja Tomic, Kuniko Tadokoro