ONBOARDS Biennale 2021: 

Terms, rules, conditions and general information

  • Participation is open to all visual artists and art students who are 18 years old or above.
  • Participants must fill out the online application form, pay the participation fee and submit a maximum of one (1) image of their artwork in a digital format. Maximum dimensions of the submitted image: 810 x 1135 mm, resolution: 300 DPI, color mode RGB and saved as TIFF (LZW or no compression) It is essential to provide a professional quality digital image since it will be used to print the final works for the exhibition, provided that the submitted work is selected.
    Works that contain text should be saved as PDF (High-Quality Print). The file name should contain: First name – Surname – Title. Participants need to submit one (1) pdf file with information about themselves and the submitted artwork including a  short biography, a brief description of the work, and links to their website and social media channels.The Onboards Biennale will use this information on the Onboards website page and for the audio tour/podcast.
  • The deadline for submission is the 20th of May, 2021 (extended to 30 May 2021).
  • The submission fee for individual artists is € 25. The submission fee is non-refundable.
  • Explicitly sexual, violent, or offensive content will not be accepted since the artworks will be displayed in public spaces and subject to Antwerp’s Public Art display regulations.
  • The selection committee reserves the right to reject works for different reasons.
  • The selection comitee will select the works for the biennale, end of May 2021. The decision of the selection committee is final. All participants will be notified by email whether their work has been selected or not by the first week of June 2021.
  • By submitting your work, you authorize ONBOARDS VZW to publish and use submitted images, information and your name for the ONBOARDS website, social media, publications, and public communication.
  • By submitting your work, you authorize the ONBOARDS VZW to sell the prints of submitted artwork during the biennale and one month after the biennale. The price is starting at a minimum of € 50 per art print (the artist will receive 70% of the net profit of the sales). 
  • The submitted artwork must be personal work, owned and therefore copyrighted by the artist. It must not infringe on any copyright, trademark, or intellectual property.
  • Each participating artist can show his art print on a billboard for four weeks. ONBOARDS Biennale provides one side of a billboard for each artist.
  • The artist’s name and the title of the work will be visibly displayed underneath the art print. 
  • The billboards and art prints’ locations are in the city centre and spread across the districts. There is no possibility for a location preference or choice. In collaboration with Agrafa, ONBOARDS Biennale strives to create the right balance between locations and diverse artists groups. 
  • A podcast about the artist and his artwork will be part of the exhibition.
  • At the end of the ONBOARDS Biennale, each participating artist will receive one (1) A0 art print of the exhibited work.
  • Each participating artist is presented on the ONBOARDS Biennale website. The presentation includes the name, biography, title and description of the artwork and links to the artist’s website/social media page. The audience will be able to access this presentation webpage only through a QR code applied on the billboard and in the months after, online. The artworks will be visible on the website only after the exhibition. Each artist can receive his QR code in a digital file.
  • The ONBOARDS Biennale posts and shares the images of the art prints situated in the public space through social media, its website and other media channels of the project partners and collaborators.
  • The ONBOARDS Biennale and partners grand a total of 3 Jury Awards and 3 Public Awards
  • Jury Award: From the Open Call and students’ participants, three winners will be chosen by a jury assigned by the ONBOARDS vzw.
  • The winners receive the ONBOARDS Biennale 2021 prize: an exhibition in 2022 in Antwerp Art museums or Antwerp Art spaces.
  • Public Award: From ALL participants in the ONBOARDS Biennale 2021, the public chooses three winners by voting via a QR-code on the billboards or through the ONBOARDS website. ONBOARDS Biennale, its partners and collaborators will disseminate their art prints in the public sphere through printed postcards and public exposure in 2022.
  • Communication between the organizers and participants will be conducted via email.
  • Although the participants own the copyright of their works, the Biennale organizers reserve the right to use photos of the works their publications, in any public media, written or electronic and/or the social media and other sites of the Bienniale. Also, visitors will be allowed to take photos of all venues and displayed works. Furthermore, the organizers will not accept responsibility for using or misuse pictures taken at the exhibition by visitors and others.
  • No work chosen for display can be removed for any reason before the end of the exhibition.
  • One example of the printed artwork will be kept at ONBOARDS Biennale archive. It may be offered as a loan to public exhibitions and collections or as otherwise agreed by all involved parties.
  • All participating and applicant artists must comply with the terms and conditions of the Bienniale. In the event of not complying with the terms, conditions and rules of the Bienniale, the organizers reserve the right to refuse or disqualify any work and participant.
  • By applying for participation and or participating in the ONBOARDS Biennale, you accept the       terms, conditions and rules indicated by the organizers.
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