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Urban Intimacy

Pascal Gielen – Bahia Shehab – Sarah Vanhee – Santiago Cirugeda 



3 July 2021 – Mika Museum café – Middelheim Museum, Antwerpen

In the context of the Antwerp ONBOARDS Biennale 2021, a unique symposium will be held in the Middelheim Museum park and live broadcasted on this page, on a YouTube and WAV radio – synchronized with several billboards in the city center. 

For the symposium, artists, activists and researchers will give lecture performances to demonstrate how they uniquely shape urban life. Through their work they construct semi-public spaces that allow people who barely know each other to dare to share emotions, affects, appreciations and their social, political and ecological concerns with each other. By doing this, the artists generate “urban intimacy”. It charges the city both artistically and politically, giving it a soul again. 

Lecture performances by:

Pascal Gielen (Belgium) 

Bahia Shehab (Egypt) 

Sarah Vanhee (Belgium)  

Santiago Cirugeda (Recetas Urbanas – Spain) 

Music Performance by:

Anna Godzina, Cornellia Zambila and Yannick Heeren – ‘Rainscape’