The Quarantine edition 2020

During the month of May 2020, the Billboard Project Antwerp presented established, upcoming and student artists in the street billboards in Antwerp. Contributing to society during this difficult times, they shareed their thoughts and emotions and reflected on the current pandemic crisis.

The world is currently facing an extraordinary situation. 

During The Quarantine Edition, the artists responded promptly by activating the empty billboards in the empty streets. 

The Antwerp District supported this unique artistic collaboration. Femke Meeusen: 

“Thanks to this project, artists can share their work with the outside world during these special weeks. Antwerp residents in turn can enjoy art in our streets. ”

The Billboard Project - Tine De Ruysser
tom crop
Adriaan Marin • Afroditi Anastopoulou • Aleksandra Majzel • Alisa Bokhanova • Amber De Coen • Anna Potsiluyko • Anneke Verheyen en Marjolien Van herck • Annelies Rasker • Annelise Cerchedean •
Ans Brys • Anton Cotteleer •Antonella Buonsenso • Arpais-Du Bois • Bart Van Dijck • Bas Rogiers • Berenike Gregoor • Bert Danckaert • Bert Tas • Birthe Janssens • Bram Rinkel • Bram Van Meervelde • Charlotte Gekiere • Charlotte Lybeer • Chris Van der Veken • Christine Clinckx • Christopher Armani • Claudia Seeldrayers • Daniel Cabral •
Billboard project Antwerpen

SPECIAL THANKS TO Ivan Willemyns, Tom Dietvorst, Ben Hertschap, Benny Koch, Patsie Borgers, Moussa Faye, Zarka Jercic, Jonathan Ramael, Spank Moons, Klaartje Macken, Adriaan Raemdonck and our partners: District Antwerpen, Agrafa Affichage, Printalert and Moussa's Bissap !

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