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As a graphic design student, with a strong interest in the future of technological development and art, I think I might have an interesting perspective on the topic of being “in touch”. As a designer and “tech enthusiast”, I enjoy working with all kinds of digital media and technology in my practice, such as data processing software, artificial intelligent systems and 3d software. I owe my interest in the technological future in a major way to the “ethics of AI” optional course in my education. I like to ask myself what place art can have in times of technological innovation and a rapidly evolving digital world.



INSTAGRAM: @arthur_saintremy


NETWORK DEUS: The age of data, which we must admit our current era is, has vastly changed the way we connect with each other. The human being is no longer the centre of the world as believed in the enlightenment, as more and more we translate our world into data, the human being becomes ever more a source of dataflow. Human connection is increasingly becoming similar to a colony of ants, in which the ant is not an individual, but as a colony they form a large organism. One in three of our global population has a social media profile, according to recent surveys. An individual is now merely the sum of its data as input to a global network. Everything around us becomes data, and eventually we all want to be part of it, because similar to religion, humans like to be part of something bigger than themselves. This poster shows a collage of a city scene that I converted into data, using the data processing program Microsoft Excel. Each pixel in the collage was given a numerical value based on its color, similar to coloring pages for children with number codes for learning numbers, but in reverse. Since the collage had now been converted into data, I could also have it processed. With the collage as input, Excel generated several scatter diagrams that neither I nor Excel, knew the meaning of. I put these diagrams on top of the collage as a global data network connecting our world. Through this global, invisible network, we humans are more in touch with each other than ever before.


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