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My name is Elia Vanderheyden, I’m a young reliëf printmaker studying my masters at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp where I make use of combining the ancient craftsmanship of woodblock carving with the latest technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Laser cutting techniques. My works evolve out of a history of video gaming and fascination for the mythological stories of the past such as tales about the end of time. Videogames and the end of time often have two things in common which is solitude or the absence of an interaction. My works try to touch upon this subject by abstaining from visualizing human Figueres. rather the subtle indication that it was made by a human such as small changes or letting the grain of the wood come through are what make my works become relevant in our age again. By jumping the line between what is made by a human and what isn’t I try to engage within the conversation of loneliness within an ever more digitalised and mechanized world.


The work “Blooming Khaos” is a digital collage of several landscapes generated with an Artificial Intelligence combined with the work “Fall of the Damned” by Peter Paul Rubens and a Photograph which I took myself in Denmark. These 3 separate visuals come together in this work to form the Colour, Composition and Structure of the image, each adding their own dynamic. The work explores the border between Chaos and Life together with the contrast of Man vs Machine. In an age where technology and machines are rapidly aiding and replacing us and where it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the pace as an individual we try to cling to the human element in everything we find. As such the work is a combination of both Handcrafted and generated technology. Automatic yet also Manual engraving. Do we get lost in the sea of information carved by the machine or are we grounded by the hand carved lines?


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