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David Somers (Antwerpen, 1986) is een kunstenaar gevestigd in Antwerpen. Van jongs af aan begon hij zijn creativiteit te verkennen door zijn grootvader oude en stoffige gitaar op te pakken. Muziek in al zijn vormen was altijd een essentieel onderdeel van zijn leven en hij begon hiernaar te zoeken in alledaagse dingen. Om deze momenten vast te leggen leek fotografie het perfecte medium. 

David taught himself the art of photography believing that the process is equal to the eventual product. The search for underlying emotions in our modern society and exposing this is one of the central themes in his work. 

David’s art is a particular mixture of ‘street photography’ and architectural photography. He puts the spotlight on scenes from the underbelly of our society, many of which we pass by every day without noticing.  
Is this beauty or just the ugly truth that he uncovers? The answer to that question is in the eye of the beholder. 

After being selected for several group exhibitions, David’s first solo expo is now also on tour as part of ‘Fotografiecircuit Vlaanderen’. His work can be admired in cultural centers across Belgium until the end of 2024.

Instagram: david_smrs


‘Abandoned Joy’ leaves the viewer with an uncomfortable feeling. The colorful kids scooter, a rigid and cold building, grass growing through the concrete cracks, a stain on the wall..  
Did a drama unfold here or is this just an assumption that we make in a disruptive society. 
David Somers art raises questions but the answers are in the eye of the beholder.


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