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Lies Jacobs / Beeldend Kunstenaar/ Illustratie en ontwerp DKO Antwerpen (2O13- 2018)+specialisatiejaar tekenen/Premaster/(2020-2021) Master Politieke en sociale context in Beeldende Kunst Sint Lukas Antwerpen (2021-2022) Master Vrije Kunsten Sint Lukas Antwerpen (2022-2023) Lies Jacobs was born in Belgium in 1964. Since 1989, she has been working at Albe vzw, an organisation that focuses on individuals with mental disabilities and psychiatric issues. As a social worker, she has always been able to combine art and care. In 1989, she founded the drawing and painting studio ‘den 138’ at Albe vzw. This studio offers a weekly creative outlet for individuals with disabilities, using graphic techniques. After completing her degree in Illustration and Design at DKO, Lies decided three years ago to pursue a

A conversation about grief

Master’s degree in Visual Arts with a Socio-Political context. Currently, she is working on a second Master’s degree in Fine Arts, both at Sint Lucas Antwerp. Her artistic practice has thus been broadened both in
terms of content and visual expression, and she now uses various techniques such as sculpture and installation to express her artistic vision. The process of developing her own artistic identity has shaped Lies and encouraged her to support others in developing their creative skills. She has a strong connection to the people in her community and remains actively involved in Albe vzw and the ‘den 138’ art studio. Thanks to her work, she has had a positive impact on the lives of many and continues to strive to support and inspire individuals with disabilities through art. Lies turns her gaze to things, stories, memories and people that often go unnoticed. (under construction)


On September 25, 2022, my mother passed away. During the last six months of her life, I spent most of my time with her while she was in bed. She could no longer communicate clearly. Language as we know it, had abandoned her, and she also had poor hearing. Speaking, humming, or singing in her ear and holding her hand was a daily way to connect with her. The intimacy we shared resonates with the ear. I began to see the ear as a possible form. The ear as a metaphor. The ear as a landscape. The ear as a possibility.

I consider dialogue, experimentation, and intuition to be important artistic strategies. As a visual artist, I believe it is crucial to display “possibilities” because the continuity of existence is not transmitted from reality but from possibility. Through my social engagement in care and my experience of severe grief at a young age, I have learned to think from possibilities. There in lies hope and desire. I see art as an opportunity to discuss relationships between people and their environment or to encounter the strange. I share Joseph Beuys’ idea that society as a whole can be seen as one big work of art, or ‘soziale Skulptur.’ To craft and refine this sculpture, we need the creativity of everyone and everything, not just so-called artists. This resonates with my way of working, and I believe that a work of art as an object is not an end in itself but always implies a possibility.


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