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Masha SUMNINA (Mariya Andreevna Miturich-Khlebnikova) born 1977
Education – Moscow Academy of Printing, graphic designer and book illustrator (grad. 2001)

Misha LEYKIN (Mikhail Zoryevich Leykin) born 1968
Education – Moscow Architectural Institute, dipl.architect (grad. 1994)

We have been working together since 2000.
We involve uncontrollable forces in our works – wind, mold, water, the viewer, etc., exploring the
relationship between chaos and order. You never know what form they will take – actions,
installations, paintings, sculptures, a bread tower or a giant inflatable face.

We are a Russian artist duo with USA citizenship temporarily staying in Italy while waiting for Berlin Artist Visa. At the beginning of 2022, we had to leave our home in Moscow. We took very few belongings with us as we stepped out of the door.
This is a bundle with a view of snowy winter from our Moscow window applied to a hole in the ruins of a medieval castle. We try to fill the voids with this bundle in the new environments here and there. Will see where it will eventually embed.


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