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Natali Sarkisyan ‘87 (BG/BE)

I work in the field of contemporary printmaking, drawing, and digital art.
My background in traditional printmaking is essential to my methodology of building an image. In pursuit of different image variations and technical combinations I have incorporated digital manipulation as well as sculptural elements and photography into my works.

My inspiration comes from the symbolistic associations I get from ordinary and recurring events of day to day life. To me and my interpretation of reality, storytelling and myths serve as an essential foundation for creating context and meaning.



‘Some of Us Are Friends’ 2023

This series of works was started by the artist in 2022 naturally after some significant events in her life and as a natural reflection on the Pandemic years.

The sentence ‘’Some of Us are Friends’’ comes from a story which occurred to the artist earlier in 2018, after watching the famous performance by Simon McBurney- ‘The Encounter’. The play portrays the true story of National Geographic photographer Loren McIntyre lost in a remote area of Brazil in 1969, leading to a startling encounter that is to change his life forever.

This specific line in the story stayed with the artist for some years, reminding her sometimes of the rules of our own urban jungle. As the Pandemic transformed many societies, the topic of survival, relating, separation, confrontation and unity became essential.


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