Angela Xu, Venice (ME), 1995.
Born in Italy by Chinese parents.
Currently attending a Master’s degree in Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

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The project is a part of my master’s course for the current year.
It is an investigation involving my ‘supposed’ mother tongue and my relationship with my mother. Being born in a Western country by Asian parents means settling between two opposite currents of thoughts: occidental individualism and oriental collectivism.

Growing up in Italy meant adapting to the surrounding environment. However, my parents tried to maintain in us, my sisters and me, the Chinese culture they had brought from their country, sometimes fighting hard and fiercely to preserve those elements that started to lose ties with the tradition. With those constraints, in a kind of rejection of my own origin, I lost the ability to speak Chinese correctly and the ability to communicate with them, the family structure is now profoundly altered by the lack of a common language.

The project takes the form of a series of reading appointments where I read my writings (a pdf format saved on my phone) and extracts of texts about tongue, diaspora, migrations, and second generations child.
Through my writing—based on micro personal stories alongside small exercises of Chinese writingm I’m trying to explore the relationship between identity, origin, and language or many languages, trying to overcome the notion of nationality, ethnicity, and border.


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