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If my house was on fire, I would run back inside to save my sketchbook from when I was five.
Not so much because of all the scribbles and blobs of paint, but because it contains my first atempt at drawing stories. I’ve always been fascinated by stories, which is why I did a Bachelor degree in English and Italian Language and Literature and a Master in Western Literature. During my literature studies I started dreaming of writing and drawing my own stories. So, when I finished my studies at KU Leuven, I enrolled in the illustration department at Sint-Lucas Antwerp.
At the moment I’m continuing my artsic journey in the Applied Master, where I’m working on a graphic novel, or rather a graphic poem, inspired by the Greek myth of Persephone. Through this myth the ancient Greeks tried to explain the existence of the seasons and the cycle of life and death. In my personal reinterpretation of this myth I pay a lot of attention to seasonal changes, and plants and insects play a prominent role. I think the seeds for this story have been planted a long time ago, probably during my childhood, because my drawings have always been full of trees, plants, animals, insects and adventurous girls.

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“A Piece of Eden” is a sketchbook drawing, made with coloured ink. This work is part of a series of coloured ink drawings that I made in the summer of 2022, in my garden in the Belgian countryside. The sketches celebrate the life force of plants and the joy that they give.
Through these drawings I try to get more in touch with the natural world that surrounds us and become immersed in the presence of the plants.


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