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More than ever, our faces are our most valuable assets. In today’s world of social media, selfies, and Zoom calls, our appearance is always in the spotlight, and it has become something we should invest in. We have reduced our bodies to mere commodities. We have turned to science to help us identify and remake any underperforming areas, just as a consultant would with a struggling corporation. Women are especially challenged to conform to narrow beauty ideals,who are both consumers and consumed under modern capitalism. Just as a gentrifying neighborhood loses its charm, our bodies become interchangeable, and our unique features are lost in the pursuit of the perfect pout and pillowed cheeks. But what happens when we take this mentality to the extreme? What will become of us when we can predetermine every aspect of our children’s appearance?

This artwork is a compelling commentary on the unrealistic beauty benchmark perpetuated in our society. It showcases the toxic cycle of objectification and comparison that so many individuals fall victim to, particularly in the age of social media. The piece explores the desire for youth and perfection tied to beauty. It also explores the cultural and societal effects of the beauty industry and plastic surgery.

As you reflect on this artwork, consider the following questions: How much of our desire for youth and perfection is rooted in societal pressure? How has social media perpetuated this toxic cycle of objectification and comparison? What impact does the beauty industry and plastic surgery have on our culture and self- image?


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