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I’m a visual artist from Subotica, Serbia currenty based in the Netherlands. My practice is composed of photography through the method of surrealist-self portraiture. I use myself as a model to evoke emotions, seek to highlight different characters by applying my own body as a vehicle of expression. I choose to do conceptual self-portraits to exercise my self-exploration, a projection of my soul, personal experiances, thoughts and emotions. I want to use my subconscious and create a world that I myself is a part of.

For me, it’s all about finding a visual representation of my feelings, what emotionally moves me and then it stirs the emotions of the viwer as well. Leaving a trace of myself to the world and maybe someone else can find themself in my work too.


Instagram: beatakovacsart

Facebook: Beata Kovacs Art


My work „Buttercup” is a part of a floral self-portrait series that seeks to question the lines between dream and real life.
Flowers are a representation of brevity and vanity of life, a reminder that the most beautiful object is mutable and eventually will die.


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