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Benjamin Coosmans graduated from La Cambre (ENSAV) in Printed Image and Graphic Art in 2008 and has been active on the Brussels art scene ever since. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, both individually and collectively, and has set up numerous art projects.

Since 2010, he has been working as a graphic designer in several agencies and creative studios.
In 2015, he joined the Ton piquant screenprinting studio (Ixelles) where he developed a personal artwork that uses all the resources of screenprinting to make it a creative tool in its own right.

His artwork attempts to blur the boundary between the figurative and the abstract, to awaken new associations, to move from form to formlessness, from the known to the unknown.he assembles, superimposes, juxtaposes, confronts, and diverts graphic elements in such a way as to offer us unusual contrasts.through this poetic chaos, he offers us a deconstructed universe with a fragile balance that is constantly evolving and allows the unexpected to happen.

After three years with Ton Piquant, he decided to leave to create, with Esther Defourny, the project Image Fantôme, a space exclusively dedicated to the printed image where he also has his own studio to develop his artistic work in a more independent and relevant way. Image Fantôme is also a creative graphic design studio with the mission of proposing reflections on visual communication through workshops and exchanges on this constantly evolving practice.

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The design proposed on the theme of “In touch” is a reflection on these small words that had lost their meaning during the period of health crisis, especially during the various confinements. We went through moments of isolation where our need for exchange was more than affected, saying “see you soon” or “see you tomorrow” became impossible. In retrospect, these words/phrases have proven their importance in our social exchange

and well-being: we need to stay “in touch”.
Working graphically on this theme with reference to the board game “Scrabble” appeared to be an obvious way of putting this reflection into images. The main purpose of a board game is to bring people together and this one is, in its own way, the best way to communicate words.


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