Camille Monden is a graphic design student based in Antwerp. Camille grew up in a crea- tive family and started studying art in 2014. She found her passion for design when she started studying Interior architecture at Sint Lucas kunstsecundair in 2018. This interest let her to study Graphic design at Sint Lucas Ant- werpen in 2020. Camille is very fascinated by publication design, branding, fine arts and the fashion world. Today she is able to collaborate with students from The Royal fashion Acade- my and The Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

You can see more of her work on instagram: @artsbycami or @camillemonden.

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In touch……with the feminine energy.

The feminine energy that is sensual.
The feminine energy that is colorful.
The feminine energy that is almost fragile, like glass. The feminine energy through the eyes of Georgia O’keeffe.


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