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In 2020 Cecile graduated in liberal arts at LUCA School Of Arts in Ghent. She finished a masters degree about: “How imagery can aect (the feeling of) solitude”. A research that forms a common theme throughout her work.

Cecile’s works consist of a vast collection of images that she keeps aligned in boxes like family pictures. Fragments that can be regrouped in series or into typologies: landscapes, portraits, objects, plants, nightscapes,…

With their appealing colors, they might look innocent at first sight ; pretty pictures, details of decorative objects. But like make-up or masks, that’s only a façade, hiding an underlying feeling of melancholy or nostalgia for a time or place you’ve never known.

A monotype print or an engraving sometimes hide under the layers of paint of these cinematographic nocturnal views. Cecile covers up and scratches the surface, carving shapes into the images. Each faceless character becomes a palimpsest, the accumulation of dierent stories into a blurry memory.




Day becomes night. The sun hides away and makes place for an overpowering dark blue curtain. People go home, stay in, go out, see places, see others, see friends, family, colleagues or seek the unknown.

When the night unfolds events of all kinds take place.

At a certain point small light beams start peeking through the dark blue curtain, shining a light on the remaining evidence of events that happened in the night. The night comes to an end and so do the events that took place. Evidence or relics of a night in the past start to show up. They form puzzle pieces of the past night. Pieces that don’t know yet where they belong. Loved and cherished or quickly to be forgotten?


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