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We all have our own island. People are bound to be lonely so cannot live alone, therefore we live by sharing each other’s island. If I think about the reason I became an artist, it is because I thought art is the most intuitive way to share my view and thoughts. When you look at the art works, there is a moment when you understand the artist without much explanation. Through art, you can understand the artist’s world just by staring at it. Every time I face such experience, I have developed a desire to create those moment.

I went to Korea University, that gave me the opportunity to meet other artists. I learned not only about art including painting and installation art, but also about other people. I learned how to understand their view, and that helped me to widen my perspective, and it affected my art. While I encounter many forms of art, I became attracted to the objects. At the same time I fell into the beauty of human body, and that made me get interested in jewelry, a field closely related to our body. With a goal of gaining a broader perspective, I turned my eyes abroad, leaving my hometown and coming to Belgium.

However, one thing I felt during studying jewelry art is that even though the form of art is different, the goal is same in the end: to show myself and to share stories. I want to share my thoughts with people who have lived a different or similar life to me in this far away country from my home. Despite of cultural differences and language differences, I want to try to have a conversation. I am curious about your island, and I wonder if my island can be understood.

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Butterfly, bandage, mixed materials, 41 x 63 mm

Sometimes we put an effort to something that is impossible to achieve. For example, treatment.

My grandmother passed away after being bedridden for two years in hospital. My family thought that grandma’s soul was already gone. Nevertheless, they kept giving a treatment to her. All the relatives visited her and talked to her. Those conversation continued without an answer until she got really sick and left us. During those two years’ treatment, we slowly emptied our minds, letting go of her.

I wanted to revive something that is already gone, even though I can’t. Through this project, I wanted to share the moment when we tried something of which we already know the result. It might touch your old feelings of when you desperately endeavored to achieve the impossible.


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