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Chris Adriaan is a contemporary artist with a spatial approach to sculpture, installation art and photography. Born in the Netherlands in 1977, Adriaan began his artistic journey as an architect, exploring a variety of scales from big urban concepts to small individual follies.

Adriaan’s fascination with spatial relationships and the way in which people interact with their environment led him to focus on installation art and photography as his primary medium. He is creating immersive, three-dimensional artworks that challenge the viewer’s perception of space and form.

Adriaan’s work is characterized by its use of material, color and perception, which he combines to create fascinating installations that transport the viewer to new realms. His pieces often evoke a sense of wonder and awe, inviting the viewer to step into a surreal world where reality is distorted and imagination reigns supreme.


CAN YOU FEEL IT shows a deep blue fabric with the imprint of a hand. One cannot pass by this image without noticing it and touches the public in a broad way. The meaning however will be different for any observer. Is it anger, fear or passion what we are looking at or is the hand just feeling the texture of the fabric and its tactility? It urges you to reflect your own feelings onto the image and touches you from within. The hand is coming out of the image and almost feels like a three-dimensional installation.


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