I am an Antwerp-based interdisciplinary, with an architectural design major, visual artist who is obsessed with the notion of ‘image’ in various settings through digital components as well as the traditional approaches in art-making. I choose many different agencies to express my vision, such as drawing, video-art, photography, collage, installation, data processing, andvisualization. My works have a diverse perspective based on the interpretation of visuals and visualities by observing today’s cultural movements. According to me, intersectional and interconnected approaches are the most influential tools for increasing the values of art as an experimental discipline and research process. As an artist and a cultural worker, I am always open to explore both common and unconventional sides of creative-making ways to communicate with the environment I live in.






This work represents an internal dialogue of an artist about finding inspiration through memories and sense of time. Artist goes into mental space to search for inspiring happenings. To find the muse, artist immerses itself in a place where it is possible to disconnect from the outside world and dive deep into imagination. It is a place where artist can explore inner self and connect with subconscious mind. Artist collaborates with AI, which acts as a co-creator, suggesting new ideas and directions for art-making and exploring unconventional and contemporary ways of working with technology to enhance artist’s creative process.


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