Deniz is an Antwerp based illustrator, having studied a bachelor in illustration at Sint-Lucas Antwerpen and spent an exchange semester at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

His work varies in techniques such as drawings in ink, etching, stencil techniques, collages, ceramics and much more. All coming together in a signature, playfull style that’s recogniseable by Deniz his illustrative work in combination with various graphic elements.

Touching on numerous subjects such as adoloscence and coming of age, accompanied by an obscure and mysterious aesthetic, influences of tattoo-culture and nature. – His work also features a lot of cats and vases, an ongoing research project looking for the fragility in the aesthetic image between cats and vases.

Instagram: @isiklideniz



Cats with vases is part of a research series looking fort he fragility in touch of the aesthetic image of cats with vases. An ode to my two cats, Arca and Efe, my muses for this series.

The aesthetic image of cats with vases is so tempting, yet so dangerous. Cats and vases is a depiction of the tension between two individuals who should not be together, but make yet such a beautiful and attractive picture.

The fragility in touch, a soft tap, which can destroy what was once a vase into nothing more than a thousand sharp pieces of broken ceramics.


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