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Manonina, better known as Manon Hermans, is an illustrator who lost her heart to Rotterdam where she graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2019. Currently she is based in her hometown of Antwerp. Since then, she has worked with a diverse range of clients such as Psychologie Magazine, Ugent, JBC, Stad Aalst, Knack, etc.

Manon’s interests include psychological, philosophical, and social issues, as well as projects that contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive world. She explores these themes using bold colors and conceptual language to create illustrations that depict an idealistic or melancholic world. Her illustrations often carry a moral, encouraging viewers to reflect and question the world around them. I @man0nina I


The illustration, Disease of the Century, delves into the theme of burnout and the devastating impact of our fast-paced, demanding world on our mental health. It draws attention to the growing prevalence of burnout, which has become a common condition in today’s society.

Through use of color, composition, and symbolism, the illustration highlights the overwhelming sense of pressure and stress. In the center of the image, a silhouette of a motionless body with branches inside is depicted. The branches have lost their leaves, conveying the feeling of emptiness inside. This central figure is surrounded by dynamic elements depicting time, such as the sun and moon, and other speed-related components in a chaotic and frenzied background that conveys a sense of disorientation.

The theme of mental health is relatable to many of us. Burnout causes us to lose touch with ourselves and the world around us. This illustration may resonate with others seeking mutual comfort and understanding in this work of reference. The piece serves as a reminder of the need for a more humane and sustainable approach to work and life in our modern world.


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