South African born Sussholz is represented by the Pedrami Gallery which is located on the Eilantje in Antwerp. The gallery was founded by Iranian born Kathy Pedrami and focusses on emerging and established artists from or connected with the Middle East.

As a warm spot for art lovers, Pedrami Gallery focuses on Middle Eastern artists. 

Enter a small, bright gallery smack bang in Antwerp’s trendy neighbourhood Eilandje. 

Feel at ease with the handpicked selection of Iranian host Katayoun Pedrami and get taken to far off lands by contemporary art pieces from the finest emerging and established Middle Eastern artists.


Pedrami Gallery
Verbindingsdok – Westkaai 10
2000 Antwerp – Belgium
+32 (0)488 49 96 68



Eileen Cohen Süssholzs ceramic sculptures take the form of assemblages of objects that are individually cast in moulds that she makes from things that populate the cultural landscape. Once assembled the earthenware sculptures are covered with colourful graffiti-inspired glaze before returning to the kiln for a final firing. By means of her subject she casts her gaze over the place of objects in contemporary consumer culture, a society arguably on the brink of post-modernism yet as obsessed with novelty as when the modern age began. This age being one in which, as Annie Ernaux puts it, curiosity prevailed over distrustand, as the artist observes, perhaps still does.


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