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Born in Clermont-Ferrand (France) in 1977, Elisabeth Baeza
studied at School of Fine Art in Saint-Etienne (ESADSE) and
graduated from the design section in 2OO3. She moved to Paris and
joined the MG Stand design office, where she learned about
ephemeral manufacturing techniques by working on various fairs
and exhibitions until 2008. Today, she lives in Belgium where she
develops an experimental design activity through her label mala
leche Design® since 2O14. Borderline between art and design,
Elisabeth uses "reconstituted" materials from the industrial
processes of the 21st century. OSB, MDF, foam rubber, Plexiglas,
PVC tube or even webbing, fluorescent rope, adhesive tape,
translate her plastic approach. Inspired by the digital, the
instantaneous and the immaterial, she nevertheless ensures a
conception close to the practices linked to minimal art and
outsider art.
Whether ultra-light furniture, nomadic modules or objects made of
PVC tube panels, they all suggest an aesthetic-fiction in an
attempt to inspire reflection on our modern society and the way
in which we consume it. If any end has no flavour... then to
finish is to make perishable... by avoiding this pattern through
the object, Elisabeth leaves open this door to the imaginary.
Since then, she has presented and exhibited her creations at
various promotional fairs such as Paris Design Week, the Saint-
Etienne and Courtrai Biennials, Design September, Accessible Art
Fair, Collectible Fair, and more recently in both physical and
virtual galleries.


This two-dimensional artwork made for the ONBOARD BIENNALE 2023
selection in Antwerp represents the connection between sky and
earth, light and dark, rain and sun, present and future, gender
and non-gender.... All that binds us together through
appearances, what remains on the surface, what lies hidden at the
tip of the iceberg, the illusion of being part of a whole and
beyond that, the peaceful memory of the future that holds us
together. This digital image taken with my smartphone in 2022
focuses on the city of Brussels as the rainbow rises from Tour du
Midi creating a technicolor bridge that seems to TOUCH our
In a nod to René Magritte « Ceci n’est pas Antwerp » alludes to
the fact that the cityscape visible in the digital image is only
a representation of the city of Brussels and therefore it is
correct to read the phrase written on the image. However, it may
leave some doubt in the mind of the viewer- pedestrian who has to
approach the billboard to see that 2D picture is not a real
representation of Antwerp.


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