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Elvis Borrey (born 1999, Belgium) Is an Afropean artist living and working in Antwerp.
He has an intuitive approach to his art, trusting his instincts to guide him.
His collages showcase this approach, with a focus on achieving balance and prioritizing the image’s rhythm and composition.
His work delves into themes of racial identity, isolation and hope, providing insight into his environment and interests through found footage and samples. He views his creations as a reflection of himself and his values. The artist believes that all ideas come from a collective memory and that individuals do not own them; instead, they belong to the public.


“Back2the1” is a digital collage that powerfully captures the immigrant experience. The piece features a black man in a rowboat, his back turned to the viewer as he rows forward towards an uncertain future. The man is covered by a sea of numbers, perhaps representing the dehumanizing bureaucracy that so often accompanies the immigration process. Above him, a tranquil sky of light blue and purple children floating create a stark contrast to the harsh reality of his situation.

The figure of another man can be seen through a window in the distance, rowing in the opposite direction. This figure may symbolize the hardships faced by other immigrants, or perhaps even a reflection of the black man’s own struggles. Together, these elements come together to create a work of art that speaks to the complexities of the immigrant experience.

“Back2the1” explores the struggles and challenges faced by immigrants in our society. It encourages viewers to reflect on the dehumanizing impact of bureaucracy and the emotional toll of migration, while also highlighting the resilience and determination of those who make the difficult journey in search of a better life.


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