“Erik Haemers’ artworks are imbued with his love for architecture, constructions, structure and rhythm. He translates his everyday observations into sculptural + geometric works. Exploring different materials, layers + techniques while questioning the limits of fine art by switching back and forth between high-end and ubiquitous materials.

His fascination with order and structure is a foundation of his practice, as well as the subtle interplay between architecture and art.
Some artworks seem to dissolve into the architecture, while others seem like a natural extension of it.”

text : Tim Vanheers

ig | @erikhaemers

web | erikhaemers.com


 don’t stand so close to me [2017-2023]
            my geometric interpretation
          of this year’s theme : in touch

3 circles

            almost touching each other
                 trying to connect
             one closer than the other
                  almost in touch


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