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I live and work in the city of Antwerp. I was born here in 1961.
I am educated as a Psychologist at the University of Louvain, but I followed several evening courses in visual art at the Academy of Antwerp and Berchem. Since I have my own studio, I see myself as an artist.
It started with drawing at the kitchen table. In my studio the drawings grew into big textile sculptures. Yet the kitchen table and being a woman are never far away: in the materials found, the techniques used, in the subjects, …
My most recent solo exhibition had the title: Please touch. The works can be touched and even held and manipulated – in contrast to most of the artworks on show in galleries or artmusems. Visitors – children and adults alike – really enjoyed it.
In the past I took part in several group exhibitions in Antwerp.


This work is called Connection. It depicts the desire for entanglement, to lose yourself in the other and on the other hand the feeling of suffocation. Being tossed back and forth between the urge for freedom, autonomy and the need for connection. Can you be strong and vulnerable at the same time? Or how to find a balance between these two?

I used very soft materials: stuffed knitted sweaters and crocheted wool.


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