Helin Çan started in the arts officially in 2018 working part-time
with a collective called ‘THE ME COLLECTIVE’ where they tell stories
related to culture and history.
In 2020 she started her academic career in graphic design, sins then
she has been meeting and working with creatives from all over. She
is now in the process of learn to express herself through a
different eye when creating.
Helin combines different media’s based on the results that she wants
to accomplish, she is mostly working with video/animation and 3D.



In touch with personal desires.
The human brain desires to be seen and heard.
As artist we long for recognition and fame, but sometimes this can
cross over to obsession or insecurity.
The mirror shows a reflection of personal desires.... With eyes that
represent the good and the bad.
We are our biggests critic.
How do we balance this?


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