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Jan Leenders (°1976) lives and works in Dilsen-Stokkem, Belgium. He has a master degree in visual arts (Sint-Lucas Antwerpen). After graduating in 2003, he’s been active within different disciplines such as painting, installations, video art and digital art. After a hiatus of about 10 years due to kids that needed to be fed, he’s back on the artistic path since 2020, mainly focusing on painting.
The last couple of years Leenders has participated in several group shows, for instance “50/50, a drawing show” in Brussels, curated by Julien Saudubray and Tatiana Wolska, Tinimini Room’s first online exhibition, curated by Ralf Kokke, and “Hot as Hell”, a group show at Big Yin Gallery in the UK.
Lately Leenders has done solo shows in Germany with Golden Ei Gallery and in the USA with Curated By Sey. September 2023 will bring a solo show in collaboration with the city council of his home town Dilsen-Stokkem.



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With “Touch my bum”, Jan Leenders shows a new development in his butt themed works. For the first time he uses collage to create his cheeky motif. In this collage we see hands, fists and fingers grabbing, holding, punching, stroking and touching. Does the butt’s owner like being touched? Did he or she actually invite to touch his/her bum, as the title suggests? Or did the hands ask permission first? Why does he/she want to be touched? Why specifically the butt? And what’s the relation between the touched and the toucher? Leenders just leaves us here with these questions unanswered.


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