Jan Tromp (Venlo NL, 1995)



Energielabel A (2023) Acrylics on MDF

For my work I’m inspired by street scenes.
I photograph unintentional scenes and painterly traces which I spot during my trips throughout the city.
By doing so I try to get a grip on the incoherent world around me.
I’m interested in the aesthetics of human acts.
Everything is designed, whether it’s intentional or not.
The handwritten note of a grocery clerk, the note from an angry neighbor complaining about wrong
parked bikes, have a very personal and recognizable aesthetic.
These kinds of aesthetics I use in my two dimensional work.
Found notes and papers, documents, pictures from my personal life are materials I use for collages
wherein my personal life and the impersonal/formal world are combined. A mixture of intentional and
unintentional images.
By giving priority to color, shape and composition, the image doesn’t seem incoherent at first. But a
clear story is hard to find.
Also certain phenomena, such as tracing hardware tools on the wall of a shed, can be a motive for a
work. The aesthetics of practical markings, and announcements have a big influence on my work.
There is a beauty in the practical and sometimes unlogic way we humans leave our mark even when
we are not aware. We are still creating images.
I also work a lot from intuitive drawings, fast sketches wherein I research shape.
These shapes are mostly originating from observations from daily life, but sometimes also merely
suggestions of shape.
By mixing figurative shapes with more abstract shapes I invite the viewer to look for familiarity in all


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