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Eva Steynen.Deviation(s) was founded in 2013. Situated in the upcoming east-side of Antwerp, on the ground floor of a 19th century mansion. The gallery has a multidisciplinary approach and works closely with a small group of mid-career and young artists, mostly Belgian based. Occasionally there is space for international collaborations. The aim is to show new talents to discover as well as supporting and promoting the gallery’s more established artists. At art fairs the gallery presents solo-booths and group presentations reflecting the gallery’s philosophy and program. The gallery presents five or six exhibitions per season with an annual program of solo shows, performances, artist editions, salons and thematic group projects.
Building a sustainable trust-based relation between artists and gallerist, the purpose is ‘to grow well together’. To aim and think together by organizing and creating a connection between artists, gallery, collectors, curators and art lovers. The commercial aspects of a gallery may not invade the artistic process, hence Eva Steynen distinguishes itself by rather risk-taking and curatorial shows often with a museal character.
The visitor is invited to discover, reflect and connect.
Zurenborgstraat 28
B – 2018 Antwerpen
+32 (0)486 209 564 


Belgium °1980
lives and works in Brussels

Jan Verbruggen is a story teller. His oil paintings and gouaches on paper show surrealist fragments out of fctive events. As a spectator we witness how these events are literally intruded by foral landscapes.
Using the classical technic of the ‘grisaille’ underpainting, permits him to defne composition, lightning and atmosphere of his work and develop a clear vision of the overall sense of the painting. With a lush and baroque colour pallet Verbruggen’s sceneries turn estranged and reveal a certain unheimlich feeling, always with a twist.

His imaginary spaces create an in-between world that is transformative and offers an insight behind the surface of the visible; an ’embodied space’, where the private and outside world literally immerse.



Oil on canvas, 31 x 20 cm


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