Julia Tröscher (1997, AT) is an Austrian artist living and working in Antwerp. In her practice she takes a multidisciplinary approach, moving between video, text, installation and sound. She graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2021, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. Currently she is completing her Premaster going onto the MA Visual Art at Sint Lucas Antwerpen.


To read on this poster is an extract from one of my poems, Venus transit. A herald here, this poem is also a film to be. Something is about to happen. The poem is a cut section into the infinite layers of the universe and us. Thinking about the connections between everything, history and nature throughout time from the big bang up until today. All of which informs our relationships and the meaning that gets transmitted through them, specific and broad and micro and macro – all of it is at stake. This means thoughts about love and the stars and us, the beginnings of life on our planet and what life is today and beyond. The extract on the poster is a direct appeal to the passer byes of this poster, expanding the scope of the poem out of the studio and onto the world.


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