Born 12 December 1995 in Bruges. Attracted to uncomplicated colors and playful shapes since childhood. Drawing cartoons and grotesque distortions were a very enjoyable world to delve into. Nevertheless, I pursued a classical education. Still, I enjoyed the challenge of seeking a creative synthesis between all disparate subjects in high school. How can biology help me to remember my Latin vocabulary, for example? Later, I started studying Art History at the University of Ghent. A bit squeezed out after the four years of the academic world, I decided to take a sabbatical year in Aix-en-Provence. There I discovered some healthy disillusions that had to do with the romanticism of ‘La Douce France’, but that of art remained intact. Thus, a year later, I started studying painting at the academy of Antwerp. Now I am excited to graduate and to build a new chapter in my creative search.


Euphoria is a work that for me is actually a symbol of an uncomplicated expression. A recognizable pathos of the raised arms that we read as something extraordinary. The way it is painted also correspond to its nature, it is a painterly sketch where each colored line contributes to the expression of enthusiasm. Especially the childlike way the dots are placed makes the exuberance perhaps just a little too edgy. Yet it is this what I cherish in me, that impulsive quick first immediate childlike impression. An open image, due to the confusing element at the bottom of the painting, which does resemble a lemon. It is subconsciously perhaps a reference to the equally intense, unambiguous flavor and color that a lemon has as a feature. In touch, for me, is getting in touch with our uncomplicated dotting or primal pathos of the raised arms, a childlike exuberance expressing celebration of our self and life, euphoria namely.


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