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Lena Dewaegenaere (1989) is a Brussels based artist who is interested in the power of images. She’s examining how to create impact with a minimum or just the right amount of visual elements. She is mainly active as a painter and documentary filmmaker. Her paintings are influenced by the visual language of film, and vice versa.

The main thematic interest in her practice is people and how they relate to a certain place and moment in time. She is exploring the real space and time versus the mental space and time and her work speaks about ways of seeing and interpretation. Her paintings often seem to take place at a still point, outside of time and place as we know it. In her work she is questioning our perception of things and all the different realities.


“Holding hands for the last time” is part of a series of paintings talking about grief and loss, more specifically about the loss of a mother. You can’t prepare for losing a mother, no matter at what age she leaves this world and even if you know she’s going to die one day.
The impact is big, things shift. You need to recalibrate. It feels as if you’re a tree of which the roots have been cut off. You’re a trunk that has to grow new roots, whilst trying to keep your leaves alive. You figure out roots only grow in autumn and they take time to grow.
“Holding hands for the last time” is a memory of being together for the last time, touching, holding but having to let go.


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