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I work alongside artist Tiffany Black in art duo brook & black (

brook & black is an art partnership which brings together installation, sound, video, printmaking, photography and sculpture. From a process of research, investigation and experiment brook & black work with architecture, objects, light and sound to engage the viewer through intervening in the structure of space and sound. Through shifting the viewer’s perspective in this way, new readings, connections and emotional responses are evoked. The

work has frequently been made in response to a specific gallery, exhibition space or site.

brook & black have worked in residencies in UK and international settings, including the Ashmolean Museum Oxford, World Heritage Site in Greenwich, the Wallace Collection, London, Modern Art Oxford and the Toulouse Lautrec Museum, France. Participatory and educationalworkshopsareoftenapartofbrook&black’sworkingprocess. Theyare currently artists in residence at Coventry University, UK

As a solo artist (Leora Brook) I have a practice focussed on painting and printmaking, and the work ‘Premonition 2’ is one of a series of paintings and prints that I have been making that take as their starting point the folds of an unmade bed sheet. The patterns of folds are scrutinised closely, photographed and then the original photograph is manipulated on the computer. This image becomes the starting point for the print or painting. In the case of ‘Premonition 2’ the image originates from the oil painting but has returned to the digital sphere. The grisaille colour scheme creates a sombre mood while the lighting and attention to detail invites a sense of touch. This series, of oil paintings, photopolymer, digital and mezzotint prints, employs a shadowy chiaroscuro to reinterpret ‘ordinary’ glimpsed moments of life, and encourages a range of interpretations, allowing the mind to wander through many associations.



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