Lore Van Aken (°2001)

I’m an antwerp based designer. I’m currently in my third bachelor of illustration at Sint Lucas Antwerp.

A brown, plush bunny was given to me when I was born. From that point on it became my favorite. Looking back, maybe this plushie put my love for simplified design into motion.

Perhaps it also partially shaped my everlasting admiration for nature

As a child I filled my days with drawing, imaginary scenarios, creating clothes for my plushies and making houses out of plants for ladybugs.

It seems like I never stopped.



This piece is part of a body of work, made as an ode to my grandparents
and their home. They called each other “kersenpitje” (meaning little cherry pit). My grandmother gifted me her precious sewing machine. My grandfather

left me his garden and love for nature.

The leave in the textile will eventually fade and leave a suggestion of what once was.
Just like my grandfather, who has left too soon. Just like my grandmother’s fleeting memories.


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