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Marie Verdurmen is a graphic designer, book designer, illustrator and visual artist. She also conducts workshops. 

She brings playfulness and movement into lines, colours and shapes. She can trust her hands blindfoldedly and everything they produce. 

Sint-Lucas, Antwerp 
Visual Arts/Graphic Design – Publicity 

Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp/Parttime Art Education 
Specialisation Painting and Specialty Art History 

Hogeschool PXL Hasselt 
Creative Therapy


To me failure and perseverance are inextricably connected as in a lemniscate on its side. In the middle of it time is dissolved in a spirited encounter and direction gets a new sense of purpose. Timeless grace and an attractiveve stratification rise to the surface.  

My work is an invitation to embrace vulnerability. I want to come off the perfect vision of being human, which, in fact, does not exist. Smashing things up is inevitable, playing with it a must that makes me rise to great heights over and over again.  

The tension field between breakage and healing becomes visible by placing strong images onto fragile supports. In order to give complete freedom to the imaginative power I limit my colour palette intentionally.


Softening 016  

A4 with silk paper, acryl and gesso on blank newspaper, glued onto wood, from the series ‘Softening’.  

I often use silk paper. It gives the work a thin skin. A research into the psychological skin, into the border between in and out. It is an artistic touch of the outside world through a sheet of paper.  

I use paper and the forms I create on them as a symbol for the defining of boundaries and the search for protection against too many stimuli from the outside world.


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